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Walk with resident guide Lance Bishop to explore, learn about, and connect deeply with an amazing corner of coastal Nova Scotia
Hikes run daily Mondays to Fridays 2-4 pm May 1st through and October 31st 2024

"I've lived here on this land my entire lifetime. I grew up setting a herring net with my parents on the beach here, growing and raising most of our food, and relying on the forest for lumber and firewood.  Countless hours were spent in this park-like place just plain exploring and loving the wild.


The connections formed in my youth lead eventually to degrees in wildlife and conservation biology with an idea that science would be my labour of love and that with it I could help save the natural world.  But by the time my one and only scientific paper was published I realized it would ultimately be the strength of peoples' connections to the natural world and our awareness of our dependence on it that would have the more determining influence on how the human-nature story unfolds.


These walks are meant to impart as many connections from one little place as can rightfully be delivered in two hours.  So, come be my guest and we'll take a walk through the fields, forest, and shoreline that made me." 


$20/Under 18
Group rate for groups of 15 or more $300 


We'll explore the flora and fauna of the old shore-side farm fields of Wild Mountain Farm

then we'll go deep beyond the trees to see the inner workings of a coastal Acadian Forest...


and we'll meander to along the Bay of Fundy inter-tidal shoreline discerning the unique biodiversity, geology, and history of this ancient and turbulent ecosystem.

Guided hikes and trail rides in Baxters Harbour, NS

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